Recessionista Tuesdays!

coupons Recessionista Tuesdays!

Bargain Hunting? Photo:
Sara Stasi

When I was in LA for Academy Awards weekend, I really wanted to make myself feel a little better with some retail therapy. Ted and I hopped in the rental car and drove down to the South Coast Plaza. We thought it would be fun to do a little shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue – it’s the only credit card we had a little room on (don’t tell Susie Orman – or my mother for that matter!). When we walked in and started strolling around, there was nothing on sale! I couldn’t believe it – NOTHING! Needless to say, highly disappointing. We got so used to sale shopping during the holidays I couldn’t even imagine paying full price – so we left Saks and went to Bloomingdales. TONS of stuff on sale – jackpot!!!! (Even better news, we don’t have a Bloomies card and paid CASH for our bargains)

That whole experience made us do some questioning. If we were willing to walk out of a store we love shopping at because there were no bargains, what are women thinking about visiting a high end salon in NYC? We know there are a million options in Manhattan for women to get amazing hair, what were we going to do to make sure the women who choose to spend their money with us feel like it’s worth it? In so many ways it is time for those of us in the service industry to step up our game.

In addition to giving great hair services (which honestly is a given – women shouldn’t be wondering if they are going to leave the salon looking gorgeous, they should know it) and fabulous customer service in a chic yet unpretentious environment we have to do more. We give a complimentary hand massage while color is processing. We do a scalp neck and shoulder massage with every hair cut. We offer complimentary beverages and have menus from all of the restaurants in our neighborhood so our guests can order anything they like for lunch – from Indian to Sushi or a grilled cheese with bacon from the diner!

Ultimately, we know during this economic crunch we are all looking for a bargain. We wanted to think of a way to give the girls more bang for their buck. We put on our thinking caps to find a way we could keep the girls that are coming happy and to bring new guests in that haven’t been to the salon before. All of a sudden it hit us like a ton of bricks! Recessionista Tuesdays! If you haven’t heard of the Recessionista, she is the Fashionista who is suddenly very aware of the economy and even more aware of where she is spending her money.

On Recessionista Tuesdays everything is $75. MAJOR. All haircuts – whether you go to the junior stylist or most senior – $75 (normally $95-$175). All single process colors and partial highlights – whether you go to the junior stylist or most senior – $75 (normally $100 – $225). And blow outs are $40 (normally $85)! We are so excited and have gotten a huge response! March 10th is our first Recessionista Tuesday and we have CNN and NYC’s ABC affiliate, Chanel 7 coming to do stories and interviews. As an extra special fun perk, anyone can stop by the salon between 10 and 12 to enter a drawing for a complimentary cut/color makeover with Ted and me (worth over $1100!!). I am so excited I can barely stand it! I am also very proud of us for thinking outside the box and figuring out a way for the girls to feel pretty during a time that a lot of people are not feeling so pretty. What are you doing to feel fabulous in a frumpy economy? LMK

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