Got Milk? No? You’ll Want to Change That.


From Australia, where the hot, dry, ozone-holed conditions are nothing short of rough, swimmer Michael Klim knew a thing or two about trying to protect and heal his skin from environmental and chlorine damage. And although the majority of professional athletes retire to careers within the realm of sports, two years after retiring, Klim had another idea: a men’s skin care line.

Formulated with marine ingredients such as sea algae, and tested by fellow swimmers, Milk is making quite the splash down under. Although the current line only includes products for men and babies, expect other lines (for expectant mothers and active athletes) to make an appearance soon. Hopefully non-expectant mothers will be included shortly thereafter.

Launched last August in Australia, Milk is expected to hit shelves in Europe by next year, according to WWD. We will toast its arrival here in the states, with a glass of milk, of course.


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