‘Gossip Girl’ Through the Years: Serena and Blair’s Best Beauty Moments

‘Gossip Girl’ Through the Years: Serena and Blair’s Best Beauty Moments
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Can you believe that after six seasons, “Gossip Girl” is having it’s two hour finale tonight? After all the drama, scandals, affairs, elegant (and slutty) outfits, and envious hair and makeup, we can’t wait to see what tonight’s episode brings. Will Blair bring back all her famous headbands (and marry Chuck) and pink pouty lips? Will Serena show us another cool braid we must do while we watch her destroy another relationship?

Serena’s typical beachy waves have worked well with her carefree and almost careless personality while Blair’s more polished curls have complimented her royal persona well. There’s been some dark eyeshadows that don’t work well on Blair and Serena’s hair has sometimes gone a little too wild, but throughout the show there are some beauty moments we must recognize.

Click through the slideshow to see iconic beauty looks from Serena and Blair. They could definitely woo anyone over (especially us) with these to-die-for hairstyles and perfect lips. Let us know in the comments below which ones are your favorite and if we missed any notable looks!

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