Hair Companies Seek Greener Futures

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: Garnier

Every little bit counts. That’s why Garnier and Pureology have both worked on making their packaging greener and helping the environment one bottle of shampoo at a time.

Pureology’s new Zero Waste Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Packaging has drastically decreased the amount of energy used during production and transportation of their products. The new bottle design allows consumers to use every last drop which used to be practically impossible to squeeze out.

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The new 100% recyclable bottles also have educational messages to consumers, providing tips on how to conserve water and recycle.

Garnier has also produced greener packaging, making almost half of the new bottles out of recycled materials. They, too, are working to teach their consumers to live a green life through their partnership with TerraCycle, a company founded by a Princeton freshman in 2001 that creates national recycling systems.

Back labels will educate consumers how they can reduce their personal care packaging waste and join the company’s “beauty brigade,” a packaging collection drive.

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As for Garnier’s products this season, they have new conditioner technology that will be in incorporated into Triple Nutrition and Sleek & Shine, their top sellers. The opaque gel texture soaks into each strand longer, creating softer, more well-conditioned hair.

As companies move to a greener future, will you be more likely to purchase their products?

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