Glossier’s New Lipsticks Are, as Promised, Like Nothing You’ve Ever Tried

Rachel Krause
Courtesy of Glossier

Courtesy of Glossier

A genuine “everyday” lipstick is hard to find. It must be three things: comfortable, flattering, and, unless you’re ride-or-die for a statement lip, it should ideally be not too far from your actual lip color. You want it to make you look good but like yourself. A better, hotter, fresher-faced version of yourself, but yourself nonetheless.

And though there’s one red I return to time and time again (NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Red Square, FYI), my default neutral is nonexistent. Until now. Or at least, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my lip color soulmate; I can feel it in my bones, I swear.

Courtesy of Glossier

Courtesy of Glossier

Glossier Generation G ($18) lipsticks are part of the new Glossier Phase 2 collection, out today. They join the Stretch Concealer and Boy Brow in the low-maintenance, well-curated makeup range, which is the sequel to skin care-centric Phase 1. Generation G is described as a sheer matte formula, and contains all-natural sericite mica to mattify, palm-derived triglycerides to act as an emollient for a buttery feel, and a few antioxidants to keep lips nourished.

As far as colors go, there’s Cake, a nude beige; Crush, a slightly sheer but pigmented warm pink, and Jam, a deep berry-tinted stain, which looks amazing when smudged on with your finger. And then—and then!—there is Like, a soft, flushed natural pink that is the apotheosis of all that is good in this world. It is so easy to wear, so balmy, so matte, so good that I almost can’t believe it exists. It’s the perfect subtle shade (that I feel certain would flatter anyone and everyone, not just me!), and I basically forget that it’s on. It just makes my lips look better without being lipsticky, and it never settles into fine lines or enhances dryness, which is pretty much my number-one pain point with lipstick.

The Stretch Concealer is great, too—it reminds me of the universally beloved RMS “Un” Cover-Up—and I’ve been using Boy Brow as the final step in my brow-grooming routine for months, but it’s frankly hard to focus on the other products when I’m so fixated on one of them. It’s the equivalent of when Bianca Stratford said, “I like my Sketchers, but I love my Prada backpack.”

You can purchase the Generation G lipsticks individually or as part of the entire Phase 2 set, which will get you your shades of choice in Boy Brow, Generation G, and the Stretch Concealer for $50. That’s $2 cheaper than buying them all individually, so if you’re interested in the whole situation, go for it.

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