All That Glitters: Would You Buy Nail Strips For Just a French Manicure?

Augusta Falletta

screen shot 2012 11 21 at 9 25 33 am All That Glitters: Would You Buy Nail Strips For Just a French Manicure?Lately, we’ve been seeing French manicures and all their variations pop up everywhere. From Chanel bringing back the French tip on the runway, to the reverse French becoming a Pinterest sensation, there’s no shortage of this nail trend. We’re happy to see one of the classic nail looks back in popular demand, especially with the modern twist that’s been happening recently.

Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish strips are a dream come true for anyone who has trouble coloring inside the lines with nail polish. They’re one of our favorite nail inventions of all time, but we’re a bit confused by the decision to make French manicure nail strips. Though it’s on trend, buying an entire nail strip for what is essentially a nude nail with a tip of color, in either silver, pink or gold glitter, seems to be financially ridiculous when the main ingredient is glitter. We love nail polish strips for their fool-proof beauty and longevity of wear, but an entire strip for one swipe of color seems frivolous. Let us know if you would buy French manicure nail strips below!

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