Easy Glitter Manicures to Paint Before the Ball Drops

Shannon Farrell
Easy Glitter Manicures to Paint Before the Ball Drops
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Getting your nails all dolled up for New Year's Eve is simple—add lots and lots of glitter. No nail art required. Check out some of the best looks we spotted on Pinterest. 

Photo: Pinterest

Pair gold glitter with black polka dots for an interesting design that doesn't require much effort. With a nail art pen, you can get perfect polka dots in seconds. 

Pinned by Maya Josifovska via sonailicious.com 

Photo: Pinterest

Apply a shimmer gold polish first, then finish with a coat of black glitter polish for sporadic specs along the nail. 

Pinned by Alexandra Evjen

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Fake a half moon manicure by coating glitter along the top of the nail (just below the cuticle). Finish with a top coat along the entire nail.

Pinned by Mercadies R via sonailicious.com 

Photo: Pinterest

Similar to the half moon, paint the nails an opaque color first. Then jazz them up with a similar colored glitter, painting three-fourths down the nail. 

Pinned by coloresdecarol.com

Photo: Pinterest

See the major difference a simple matte topcoat makes on a glitter mani.

Pinned by shop.nordstrom.com

Photo: Pinterest

Choose an accent nail and go all out with sequins.

Pinned by Stephanie Lopez via glitterandnailsblogspot.com

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Add asymmetrical glitter by painting just below the cuticle and moving down the side of the nail. 

Pinned by nailnetwork.blogspot.com

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Geometrical patterns are easier than they look. Paint the nail white first and wait until it completely dries. Then use tape to create the shape. Finish by painting within the tape. 

Pinned by Monse Rodriguez

Photo: Pinterest

Try ombré glitter with a different color on each nail, getting darker as you get to the pinky. 

Pinned by Kelly Nguyen via Beauty Nuggets

Photo: Pinterest

Another variation of the glitter manicure: this waterfall effect of the glitter falling down the nail.

Pinned by bloom.com

Photo: Pinterest

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