Glee’s Gotta Get Down On Prom Night

Lauren LeVine

Last night’s Glee, which was called “Prom Queen,” made me very happy about one thing in particular: I will never attend a prom during which they will play Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” For that, I am very, very thankful. But moving on! We’ve got the return of Jonathan Groff a.k.a. Jesse St. James to discuss!

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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Although Principal Figgins’ choice of ’80s rock band Air Supply was pretty tempting, they were unavailable (probably because they are now semi-retired in their native Australia and no current high school student would recognize them). So, in a move that surprised absolutely no one, New Directions ended up performing at the prom. Even Blaine got a chance to perform—not that I’m complaining about additional Darren Criss performances.

Before they could get to the prom, however, there had to be some high school drama about dates, the prom king and queen race and what they were going to wear. Puck and Lauren were clearly attending together, as were Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Finn, Santana (Naya Rivera) and Karofsky and Mike Chang and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz). The other glee club members’ dates were up in the air, save for Brittany, who planned to go alone and dance with everyone’s dates.

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Rachel (Lea Michele) and Mercedes teamed up with Sam to do prom on a budget, which meant the never-ending pasta bowl at Breadsticks and $5 dresses. This prom date aà trois lasted about 2 seconds, though, because guess who shows up!? Jesse St. James! And he coincidentally turns up right when Rachel is singing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” to the stage crew, who also moonlight as back-up singers. And without even rehearsing, Rachel and Jesse know who is going to sing which line and how to harmonize. That’s how in sync they are. Let’s just forget about the whole egg-throwing incident, shall we?

Rachel agrees to go to prom with Jesse, who unfortunately failed out of college because he didn’t know that you don’t only have to attend classes in your major. Also, he was majoring in show choir, because that’s a thing at fictional UCLA. Oh, Glee plotlines.

Artie is desperate to go to prom with Brittany, but even a surprise performance of “Isn’t She Lovely?” in home ec. doesn’t change her mind about going stag. It was the most creative use of whisks and kitchen utensils since “Work It Out” in High School Musical 2, though.

Before the prom, there was the requisite dress try-on scene. Brittany went with a chartreuse ’50s-style dress with a red tulle underlayer and, the best part, a tiny hat! Santana, of course, wore a long, fitted red gown. Tina went goth (shocker) in black lace and a birdcage fascinator. Kurt advised Lauren Zises to stick with dark colors.

Later, in his own prom outfit try-on session for his dad, Finn and Blaine, Kurt debuted his prom kilt, which he made himself because, “There’s simply nothing off the rack for a fashionable young man in Ohio.” It was an homage to the recent Royal Wedding and the late Alexander McQueen. The peanut gallery urges Kurt to reconsider, but he says the school has moved to indifference when it comes to the fact that he is gay.


After Jesse’s amazing explanation about recessions (he doesn’t know what they are, but he knows they’re the best time to start a business) and a confrontation with Finn at the ‘Sticks, the prom kicks off with “Friday” (Why, Ryan Murphy, why?). Various shenanigans ensue, but here are the most important moments:

  • Jesse and Finn get into a super lame shoving fight during Blaine, Tina and Brittany’s performance of “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You” by the Black Keys and get thrown out of the prom. This causes Quinn to slap Rachel in the bathroom, which was really not that dramatic at all.
  • Karofsky wins prom king, and Kurt is the write-in candidate for prom queen. After an initial sob fest with Blaine in the hallway, Kurt decides to own his title. Atta boy, Kurt, that’s the only way to show the ignorant haters what’s up.
  • Santana is devastated about not winning prom queen, but Brittany is there to comfort her.
  • Despite the drama, everyone rallies for what looks like a really good time during Santana and Mercedes’ performance of “Dancing Queen.” What, balloons didn’t fall from the ceiling at your prom? Me neither.
  • Becky has a boyfriend! Be still our hearts.

All in all, it was a quintessential prom episode. It’s nice when Glee remembers that it is, after all, a show about high school; not one about guest stars getting implausible plotlines just to appear on the show. Even if some parts of this episode were unrealistic, it still had key prom elements. It took place in the gym, not on some mythical set like most of the show’s musical performances, all of the girls did their own hair and makeup, and it left us wondering if Darren Criss is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

What did you think of “Prom Queen?” Will Karofsky and Santana ever come out? Who do you think dies on next week’s episode?

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