A Rainbow Throws Up On Glee In NYC

Lauren LeVine

The members of New Directions finally made it out of Ohio and to the big town of New York City on the season finale of Glee. In the first season, most of the character’s wardrobes were pretty tame, save for Rachel’s (Lea Michele) animal print sweaters and pleated skirts. Apparently, though, when the glee club leaves Ohio, they leave their normal wardrobes at home.

Spoilers ahead!


Photo: © Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

I felt like I was watching a performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat mixed with British Skins blended into an American Apparel store on crack last night. Rachel looked like she had been separated at birth from Rainbow Bright, while Kurt looked like Karl Lagerfeld at a Gay Pride Parade.

Even though their “We’re in New York City!” outfits were questionable, New Directions finally got it together in terms of performance attire. Gone were the tie dye dresses with cut off leggings (if you want to make your legs look shorter, this is the way to do it) from Regionals. In their place were flirty little black dresses with flattering halter necklines and subtle black jeweled accents on the busts. Even if they didn’t win, their outfits definitely got my Best in Show vote. Well, their outfits and the Grecian, toga-style dress that one group incongruously wore to perform Usher’s “Yeah!”

The episode also featured another surprise beauty moment: Quinn’s dramatic haircut. Desperate to get over Finn, the former Lucy Caboosey turned most popular girl in school gets a chic, short bob. What do you think of Dianna Agron’s new hairstyle? Do you prefer her hair short or long?

What did you think of the Glee finale?

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