6 Problems Only Girls With Glasses Can Relate To

Caitlin S. Miller
suki waterhouse glasses 6 Problems Only Girls With Glasses Can Relate To

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Despite my 7th grade protesting, getting prescribed glasses was the best thing that has happened to me. It took years of feeling nerdy and awkward to learn to love wearing frames. (Mind you I don’t care for the near blindness that comes without them, but that’s another story.) After more than 10 years of four-eyed love I can honestly say I adore my glasses. I love changing up my style to match them. I love how they’re an instant accessory. I love how even on a lazy Sunday, wearing them makes me look a touch cooler—and yes, smarter. They’re the longest relationship I’ve had, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And yet despite my unwavering love of my lenses, they’re not perfect. (No great love is, alas.) In fact, my glasses are the source of many a beauty problem. Read on for six struggles caused by wearing frames. (Four-eyed friends, I know you feel me.)

They can slide
The stereotypical image of someone pushing up glasses that are constantly slipping down the bridge of their nose is typically reserved for cheesy teen movies. But for beauty girls in glasses, namely those who suffer from oily skin, this hits a bit too close to home. Not only can unplanned sweat or mid-day oily skin cause glasses to slip, but even well-moisturized skin or a particularly slippery foundation can make a perfectly wonderful pair of frames slowly creep down your nose. Granted no one likes an oily face, but for those of us with frames, it’s so much worse!

They leave their marks
I will admit it’s fantastic to be known for your glasses—they’re kind of like a signature look for many of us. But for the times when I want to leave the specs at home and don contacts, I really don’t want to see remnants of my glasses. Unfortunately, as any frames wearer knows, those two smooth, red dots on either side of the bridge of your nose remain long after the glasses are gone. Especially prominent with thicker frames, the spot where your nose piece hits your nose is often red and raw—not to mention it can rub away valuable makeup! So even when the glasses are gone, they’re never really gone.

They’re a catch-all for makeup
When they’re not making your eyes look amazing—which they do 98 percent of the time—glasses are likely catching all of the dirt, dust, random fingerprints, and fallen makeup you acquire throughout the day. I’ve come to the conclusion glasses are a powerful magnet that mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and random spots of powder simply must gravitate toward. Like a moth to a flame…

They hide a good brow day
One of my favorite aspects of wearing glasses is that my specs can take the place of makeup if I’m feeling lazy. Conversely they can also highlight a particularly excellent cat eye. But as much as my glasses frame my eyes (obviously), I still can’t figure out a way to make them accentuate my brows. My chunky frames, no matter how fabulous they might be, seem to overshadow my big, bushy brows—a difficult feat, I assure you. Glasses: 1. Brows: 0.

They require a bold look
Inherently, specs draw people to the eyes. But when all the focus is on your eyes, you better be darn sure your lids are on point. If you’re going for a makeup look that you want people to actually see instead of your frames, that cat eye needs to be Lauren Conrad-worthy and that smokey eye needs to make Rihanna blush. Bottom line: Glasses should come with an Urban Decay palette and a tube of mascara.

They are enemies to headbands
But it’s not just your makeup that can be at war with your frames. A tight hairstyle or headband can be enemy number one to glasses. Many a time I’ve found myself with a beautiful braid, fancy updo, or perfectly placed headband only to struggle hardcore when I go to slip my glasses on over my ears. Whether they mean to or not, my glasses’s ear pieces can singlehandedly ruin my perfect coif in one motion. A little tugging, a little pulling, and next thing you know you’ve got fly aways sprouting from every angle. RIP pretty hair.

But don’t lose hope, glasses-loving friends. We’re part of a magical club and we have many makeup options just for us—even if we have to work a little harder.

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