‘GIRLS’ Star Allison Williams Scores a Deal as Face of Simple Skincare

Augusta Falletta

With all of the well-deserved fuss over “GIRLS” lately, it seems like seeing Allison Williams all over the place has become the rule, not the exception. Her newfound “it girl” status and jaw-dropping beauty has skyrocketed Allison onto talk show couches and media luncheons everywhere, because everyone wants to see and know more of the girl who’s making her mark on the industry.

When we found out that Allison will be the new face of Simple Skincare, products we rely on in our daily lives, it made complete sense. The actress says that with her stressful, constant work schedule, a toll is taken on her sensitive skin, so Simple Skincare products have been something she can easily get behind. “I do have sensitive skin, actually, and it’s been really hard to find products that don’t make it inflamed, or red or dry, or make it break out,” Allison admits. “It’s really complicated, but I’ve learned that it’s the case for more people than not. I don’t know how many people have unproblematic skin — that’s rare.” Knowing that celebrities have just as many issues with their skin as we do is pretty comforting, and Allison revealing that she’s got a few flaws makes us love her even more.

Do you think this is just the beginning for Allison as a spokesperson? Sound off in the comments below.

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