Head Hair Designer for ‘Girls’ Talks Season 3 and What Adam’s New Cut Really Means


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Sherry Heart, the head hair designer for HBO’s ‘GIRLS,’ has a pretty cool job. Not only does she get to coiff the heads of four of the biggest actresses on TV, but she gets to hang out with four of the biggest actresses on TV—every day. Clearly we’re all a little obsessed with the show, so we jumped on the chance to pick her brain and ask her everything from which products she can’t live without, the cut we should try out for 2014, and what really goes down in the hair trailer. Read on for the highlights.

Beauty High: What will we be seeing this season on “Girls,” hair wise?

Sherry Heart: On season three, you will see a more grown-up look on the characters. They are all discovering their personal style and who they are.

BH: How are you differentiating the hair looks between the four characters?

SH: Hannah does not fuss with her hair and she likes low-maintenance styles. Also, she has no talent for doing her own hair when she tries. Marnie is more consevative with her styles, but likes to present herself as if she has perfect hair. Jessa is an artist and considers her hair a blank canvas where she can create a masterpiece. She still loves to use the braids to make her creations. Shoshanna is still copying what she sees in magazines and interpreting those images into her own hairstyles.

BH: Which 5 products and tools do you always have on hand in the hair trailer? 
SH: 1. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is a must for texture. 2. Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder Spray for mopping up any grease in the hair. 3. Matrix Design Pulse Messy Couture Molding Paste for getting separation between layers. 4. Hot Tools curling irons in different sizes for getting different curls. These tools get hot enough so there is no problem with hair manipulation. 5. Rusk™ Heat Freak™ Professional Str8 Iron. This iron leaves the hair shinier than others I have used.

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BH: What are your best hair tips you’ve taught the ladies?

SH: The thing I try to tell anyone in my chair is to recognize your default hair setting. If you don’t like styling and blow drying in the morning, then have your hair cut to accommodate that. That way you’re not down on yourself when you can’t seem to style your hair as well as your stylist.

BH: How about the boys? Will we be seeing any new styles?

SH: In episode 3 we see Hannah giving Adam a hair cut almost like hers. It’s as if, subconsciously, she thinks couples with the same hairstyle stay together. Of course, that’s just my interpretation of the episode!

BH: How do you create Adam’s messy hipster style? 

SH: My key hairstylist, Fabian Garcia, does a great job with Adam’s hair. He uses Bed Head Hard to Get Texturizing Paste. This product really gives texture for guys with thick hair, like Adam’s.

BH: With V-Day coming up, what’s your style suggestion for girls with a big date?

SH: Go really girly and wear a pretty dress, with your hair in loose curls along with a flowery barrette, strategically placed. Remind your boy that you are a girly girl.

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BH: What’s the best part of your job?

SH: Working on “Girls comes with so many rewards. All the actors, producers, and crew are like family. We all really like each other and support each other every day.

BH: What still surprises you about your industry?

SH: I’m surprised and thrilled that writers, like Lena Dunham, continue to come up with great shows with fresh characters. After all, that’s the reason we all tune in.

BH: What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened in the hair trailer?

SH: One time, we got Adam to make up names for new dances and then perform them for us. Adam has a great comedic side to his personality and he had us all rolling on the floor.

BH: Which celebrity do you think is winning the best hair award this awards season?

SH: Of course I think all the actors on “Girls” had great hair! I loved Cate Blanchett’s hair at the Golden Globes for its sleek look and Amy Adams had a very “Girls” type of ‘do. I love it when hairstylists disguise long hair in short hairstyles.

BH: Any hair accessories you’re loving right now? 

SH: Goody has some amazing utility items for holding hair. They are always coming up with new and useful tools to make hair more decorated and their products are easy to find. I always try to throw an accessory into hair when styling; I just think it adds a little spice to the hair.

BH: Name a haircut you think is going to be huge for 2014:

SH: I think the “bob” is having a really big comeback right now. I’m seeing many women cutting their long hair and bringing it up anywhere from the shoulders to the chin. You know what they say: “If you’re looking to change yourself, always start with your hair.”

For more of Sherry’s tips, follow her on Twitter and Instagram and tune into HBO Sundays at 10pm for “Girls.”

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