Game Changer: A Travel-Friendly Split End Treatment

Megan Segura



Since my first bottle of Morrocanoil, hair oils have completely transformed my hair. Frizz and dry ends just don’t stand a chance against the magical powers of these hair elixirs. But if I had one complaint about said hair oils, it’s that they don’t travel well, and the moments I need them most—at the beach or at work—I don’t have a bottle on hand.

My hair prayers have been answered with Giovanni Ultra-Moist Touch-Up Hair Towelettes ($5.24, Each individually packaged towelette comes coated in a moisture complex made from olive oil and avocado, so whenever you need it, you just rub the towelette over your hair for less frizz and instant hydration. It can even help to bond the ends of your hair together to reduce split ends. Best of all, any product you have left on the towelette can be used on your body for a great natural sheen.

While I won’t be giving up my traditional hair oil bottles at home, I will forever be packing these babies into my suitcase and my purse.

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