Gigi Hadid Will Make You Want Pink Eyeshadow

Caitlin S. Miller
gigi hadid eyeshadow

Photo: Michael Stewart / WireImage / Getty Images

Pink lipstick? Yes. Pink blush? Of course. But pink eyeshadow? Now that’s not a combo we’re used to seeing. But leave it to Gigi Hadid to take the unexpected hue and make it our new fave shadow shade. Last night at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Launch Celebration, Hadid wore a simply stunning glaze of rosy gold makeup across her lids. Lucky for us, we happen to know exactly what products makeup artist Patrick Ta used to create the shimmering glow totally wearable IRL.

We’re not going to lie, wearing pink eyeshadow could be a total disaster. (Let’s just say “pink” and “eyes” aren’t two words we typically want to associate together.) But the key to making this pinky look successful lies in applying the color in a dimensional gradient effect, as opposed to one solid layer of color. Ta used two colors to create Hadid’s pinky bronze, which was heavier pigmented on the lid then fanned out toward the brow bone.

For the darker, shinier color on the lids, Ta used a flat brush to apply Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in Pink Rebel ($7, He then blended upward to pull out the color and make it look a bit more feathered. Next he layered on Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in Improper Copper ($7, on top of the previous color to create a burgundy hue. With a slight hint of color applied under the lower lashline as well, this look keeps the boldest point of the color centered around the lashes and lets the mixture of the two rose and copper shades create rich, more natural looking dimension, making pink a totally wearable option for eyeshadow.

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