Get the Perfect Summer Hairstyle

Lauren LeVine

Celebrity hairstylist Neil Weisberg, co-owner of the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, tends to some of Hollywood’s most covetable tresses. Reese Witherspoon is a huge fan as is Liv Tyler. Neil’s approach to hair is simple, “Hair looks better when it has movement,” he says. “I don’t like women looking too perfect or too groomed. It’s not sexy.” He shared his summer hair secrets with our friends at Hollywood Life.

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To get a tousled, summer-perfect look like Liv’s, follow Neil’s surprisingly simple tips:

  • Start by blowing out the hair. To speed up the drying process, “use metal brushes. It makes a huge difference. They make life idiot-proof since they heat up while you’re working,” he says.
  • Then, use a curling iron to create softness. Neil loves Hot Tools’ 1 1/4 inch barrel curling iron. (And I do too!) “Grab the hair and get good tension on it. Wrap it cleanly around the iron and don’t put the ends in. That’s what gives it the edgier look,” Neil says.
  • “Twist the hair in all directions – you don’t want it to be too uniform,” Neil says. “Also, take the hair from different angles to create volume. Otherwise, they just all sit on top of each other.”
  • Flip your head over at the end and spray with hairspray. “I like to use product at the end to mess it up,” Neil says. “That way it feels like hair, not like cardboard.”

To make sure your hair looks healthy, and not fried when you wear it wild and tousled, Neil suggests using Neil George Pure Shot Intense Repair Treatment Spray. “Reese and Liv are really into conditioning their hair with this right now,” he says. This Indian gooseberry-infused spray repairs sun and chemically damaged strands.

Contributed by Marta Topran

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