Get The Look: Jessica Biel’s One-Sided Faux Bob

Shannon Farrell

Jessica Biel Dior Cruise show Cannes

Jessica Biel’s hairstyle at the Dior 2014 Cruise show in Cannes this weekend took the side-swept trend in a whole new direction — this time with a one-sided faux-bob. And we’re just dying to try it. Here’s how hair stylist Sascha Breuer did it:

Step 1: Breuer started by blow drying Biel’s hair with a large round brush to create a smooth texture.

Step 2: After he separated the hair into 1-inch sections, he curled each piece with a 1-inch curling iron, moving horizontally around the head.

Step 3: He then used a drop of Wella Mirror Polish Shine Serum ($16, to add gloss to hair. He rubbed his fingers through the hair to loosen the curls and give them natural texture.

Step 4: Taking a hair elastic, he fixed it at the bottom end of the hair, gathering it into a tail-like structure. This allowed him to style Jessica’s hair upwards by making it a bit easier to manage.

Step 5: He then took her hair and start rolling it inwards and upwards, moving to the back of her neck. The key is that once he reached the nape of her neck, all of her hair was tucked into one swooped-up roll. He secured the roll with bobby pins.

Step 6: To add height and volume, he tugged on the hair toward the face and backcombed it a bit. He then fanned it out a bit, horizontally, to give the illusion of a rounded bob.

Step 7: He finished by leaving out a few strands to frame the face, tugging a few strands out for a more natural look and adding a few spritzes of hairspray.

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