Get The Look: Amanda Seyfried’s Shiny Waves

Megan Segura

There’s always that one person with hair that you absolutely envy. For me, it’s Amanda Seyfried. Despite the long length, it always looks shiny and healthy. I especially loved her golden waves at a recent red carpet event. Sebastian Professional Lead Stylist Thomas Dunkin tells us how to recreate the soft, voluminous waves.

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity to dry hair and brush through. Repeat this step a couple of times to add texture to your hair.

Step 2: Spritz the hair with Sebastian Professional Trilliant for thermal protection.

Step 3: Take eight sections of hair at random and place large hot rollers at the root and wrap the rest of the section around it. (Starting at the root adds a wave and volume to the hair, rather than simply creating curls which happens when rollers are first placed at the ends.)

Step 4: Once the rollers are cooled, remove them and run fingers through the hair for a polished yet casual effect. Set the look with medium-hold hairspray.

Do you like this hairstyle for an everyday look, or would you save it for a special occasion? 


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