Get A Red Carpet Look Just In Time For The Oscars

Amanda Elser

Ever wonder how the celebs get that gorgeous red carpet look? Well, we got the inside scoop from celebrity makeup artist Bruce Grayson on how you can get a red carpet all on your own.

To achieve the updated smokey eye as seen here on Angelina Jolie (“the Queen of the red carpet” as Bruce likes to say) it is all subtle soft strokes.

“Dot a grey eyeliner pencil along the base line of your lashes,” says Bruce. “Then take a blending brush or a Q-tip and run those dots together.” Bruce said from there it is all about working up and layering. “Never use the point of the pencil, use the side when you blur or diffuse the eyeshadow together.” Bruce says it is up to you and your eye shapeon how far you want to take the cat eye up. “Blend it where you want.” Bruce said to finish the look apply a bit of cake liner on the inside corner of your top lashes and let it fall as you blink diffusing the color.

For a sheen finish and all around glow like Michelle Williams, Bruce applies a moisturizing foundation around the perimeter of the face to even out skin tone. Bruce says when it comes to your face the most important thing to remember is to prep and prime. Then down the center of the face, Bruce says to apply a foundation with more coverage with a stiffer brush, because that is the area that most women need the most coverage.

To work moisture back into the skin, Bruce uses a beauty blender or a non-latex sponge sprayed with AveneThermal Spring Water. He then took a bit of concealer and with the beauty blender concentrated on blending the makeup and moisture back into the skin. To finish the look and apply that sheer blush like Williams has on the apples of her cheeks, Bruce tooka bit of cream blush and mixed it with a dab of Olay RegeneristCream to create his own sheer tint.

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