Get Radiant Hair In Dreary Winter

Keri Russell

A few face-framing highlights brighten up Kerri Russell’s
cool brown hue.
Credit: Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.

Well, it’s here …the blah, blah, blahs of January and February. It is dark when the alarm goes off in the morning. It gets dark at 5:00pm. The holidays are over and if you don’t have a winter vacation to the beach booked, there is absolutely nothing to look forward to. On top of it all, back in October and November many of you probably decided to “go darker for winter.” For crying out loud! Is it too much to ask for a little SPARKLE?!?! Friends, I say absolutely not!!!

This is the perfect time to start teasing Mother Nature and everyone else with a sprinkle of springtime in your hair color. I’m not saying you should go crazy and bring on the beach blond of summer – that may be a little inappropriate (I just had dinner at a favorite sushi restaurant here in NYC and they had gigantic branches filled with pink cherry blossoms on display. I will say that is a total favorite of mine at the Ted Gibson salon for the spring, but when I saw it in January, I thought it was a little premature). Adding a little taste of early spring to your color is just the perfect tease to get you through the mid-winter doldrums.

I have noticed the same thing with my girls in the salon this week. They have been coming in droves – looking worn out and tired. They have been leaving however a little bit lighter, a little bit brighter and a whole lot more invigorated! It’s amazing a few brighter pieces just around the face or lifting the base as little as one shade can turn the sparkle on and put the steam back in the engine to make it to May.

Feeling a little blue? Go see your colorist or pick up any at-home highlighting kit–I like Nice ‘N Easy Hair Painting–and do it yourself. All you need is just a few brighter pieces to kick it up to spring. Go for it and then…

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