Get Perfectly Sculpted Brows At Home

Megan Segura
Get Perfectly Sculpted Brows At Home
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Its almost impossible to look polished and pristine when you have bushy, unkempt brows. Remember Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries pre-makeover? Yikes. Plenty of places will wax or thread them for you, but all that upkeep adds up over time. Another option is to do it yourself, but since this isnt exactly a low stakes DIY (the result is front and center on your face, after all), you will need some expert tips and tools to get perfectly sculpted brows.

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Apply clear mascara to your brows. The gel will help each hairstay in place as you begin shaping. You can try Sephora's Professional Clear Natural Mascara ($5, How To Apply Individual False Eyelashes

Use a stencil to help guide your brow shaping. We love Anastasia Beauty Express kit ($39.50, Editors Tip: The kit comes with a large selection of stencils, so choose the one that fits most of your brow inside of it. You dont want to stray too far from your natural shape. Never Buy Another Bad Beauty Product Again

To get brows like Camilla Belle, hold the stencil in place over your eyebrow as you fill in thestencil with the dark powder. This will help you to see which hairs should be removed and which should not. Repeat on the other brow. Avoid These Makeup Mistakes

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At this point you can choose to wax or tweeze the errant brow hairs. Do not touch the hair that is covered with dark powder.Instead, you only want to remove the hairs outside that perimeter. If you choose to wax the area, try Completely Bare Salon Quality Bikini & Body Wax Kit ($16.99, Just make sure to cut the strips into smaller pieces, so you dont accidentally take off more than you mean to. If you opt to tweeze, go for an angled tool like Tweezerman Slant Tweezers ($22, Top 10 Celebrity Blondes

Now that you have a new shape, you might notice that youre lacking eyebrow hair in certain areas. Dont worry, they will fill out over time (as long as you resist the urge to pluck), and you can fill them in during the meantime. A great product for filling in your brows is the Pixi Natural Brow Duo ($18, On one end is a brow pencil that will fill in sparse areas, and on the other end is a colored brow gel to help keep everything in place. Are Face Oils The New Fountain Of Youth?

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