Get Legs Like Heidi Montag


While watching Heidi Montag on the View today talk about the differences between real life and reality TV, (oh, the drama of being rich and mildly famous) I couldn’t stop staring at her gorgeously-tanned pins. Not a stranger to showing off a bit of flesh, I’m sure Heidi’s entire body is in top notch red carpet condition at any given moment. So on that note, a fake tan can actually look believable and sexy, as well as being so much healthier than frying your skin in the sun, and hence speeding up the aging process.

To help you with your end of summer tan, the folks at Model Co, the geniuses of fake tan and anything related, are having a 30 percent off online sale! Check out the double-sided Exfoliate Body Wipes that are sure to give you a nice prep to your fakie as well as being ultra convenient. Of course it goes without saying, now is the time to stock up on Model Co’s classic Tan Airbrush In A Can. Also worth a try is the new Sunsponge. A light weight that adjusts to your skin tone, so you can get a deep and natural looking color.


With some fake tan savviness, you too can sport some well maintained gams, even with the heat fading and fall nipping at our heels. What are you waiting for; get clicking on your shopping cart, before the Heidi wanna-bes snatch up the all Tan Airbrush In a Can they can get their perfectly manicured hands on.


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