Get the “Hunger Games” Opening Ceremony Beauty Look

Amanda Elser

We’ve read a lot about The Hunger Games. We’ve obsessed over every braid, “full body polish” and fire manicure that Suzanne Collins described in her futuristic novel, which is why (as you can tell) we are so excited to finally see it come to life on screen.

As Lionsgate slowly releases images in anticipation of the March 23 premiere we are getting a look inside the movie’s many beauty looks and so far we like what we see.

When the image of Katniss, Peta and Cinna before the opening ceremony was released we have to admit that the first thing to get our attention was Katniss’ intricatebraids. But upon further inspection we couldn’t help but notice her flushed cheek and pink metallic pout and couldn’t wait to find out what makeup they used to create the “Girl on Fire.”

Allure got the rundown frommakeup artist Ve Neill on how she created this look.

“The more makeup you put on a beautiful woman, the more exotic and mature she looks,” said Neill to Allure. “We wanted to keep her looking really youthful.”

Neill usedMAC Eyeshadow in Orange to create the flare in the outer corners of her eyes before lining her eyes in black cream liner. She addedUrban Decay False Lashes in Lure for extra intensity.Neill then drew attention to her “beautiful, heart-shaped face” by highlighting her cheekbones withMAC Lustre Drops in Sunrush (a liquid gold highlighter).Her lips were coated withL’Oral Infallible Lipgloss in Fiery. “We wanted it to be clean, crisp beauty with touches of color,” Neill said.

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