Get the 60’s Inspired Look from ‘Stand By’ with Crystal Renn

Rachel Adler

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Inspired by a “glamorous but scorned woman,” recreated from an Aaron Neville song titled Wrong Number, makeup artist Samantha Trinh of Atelier Management drew upon 60’s references to create a slightly imperfect smokey eye. Drawing a a deep line with liner above the crease to accentuate the depth of Renn’s eye for a theatrical appearance, Trinh added bold lashes and amped up her brows. She finished off the look with a nude lipstick color which Renn was able to reapply during the shoot.

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For the hair, hairstylist Amy Farid of Kate Ryan Inc.pulled Renn’s hair into a clean and tight 60’s beehive, adding bangs for a bit of a modern flair. For the beehive, Farid prepped Renn’s hair with Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray, loosely dried it and set her hair on a 1 inch curling iron. She then brushed out the curls and backcombed each section. Farid then “laced” the hair shaping it into “the feeling of a French twist from the nape all the way to the crown” pinning it to create the beehive, and literally wrapping it around itself.

After shooting Renn “done up in all her glory” Farid deconstructed the hair but left in the backcombing in order to give it a bit of texture for the final shots when Renn pins it into place herself.

To see the full look in action, make sure to check out Stand By, featuring Crystal Renn. Photo Courtesy of Jason Last.

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