What Is A Gentle Way To Remove Eye Makeup?

Kristin Gallegos

 Dear Kristin,

What is a gentle way to remove eye makeup?



Removing eye makeup can be rough and irritating to your eyes if you don’t use the right products. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the entire body so you really want to be very careful when dealing with that area. You don’t want to rub or pull the skin too much. Over time this can cause wrinkles! I have several different ways to gently remove your eye makeup. And depending on how sensitive your eyes are, you can see what works the best for you.

For me personally, I absolutely love Klorane Soothing Eye Make-up Remover with Cornflower Water. It’s fantastic for sensitive eyes and it gets off every last trace of my black liner and mascara! I just use this on a cotton pad and soak my eyes at first and then gently wipe downward to remove the mascara from the top lashes and then wipe from the outer part of my eye in toward the nose to remove underneath. For the inside of the waterline and bottom lash line I use a Q-tip to remove the rest. It’s quite quick and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

If you prefer the convenience of a makeup wipe I would highly recommend using Neutrogena Night Calming Cleansing Wipes. They are my favorite makeup wipes. They are super gentle and will not break you out. They will even remove the toughest waterproof mascara. And you can use this all over the face. I have turned many clients and models onto these!

If you wear a LOT of eye makeup or waterproof mascara and prefer an oil based makeup remover I would highly suggest Lancome Bi-Facil! You have to shake the bottle before use to mix the oil and water. The combination of the two takes off literally anything but doesn’t leave the skin super oily. It does condition the skin though. It has been around forever and I know a ton of people who swear by it. I obviously have it in my arsenal.

Once you have successfully removed your eye makeup be sure to remember to put on a little eye cream! You need to keep the eye area nicely moisturized. This prevents anti-aging. This area is fragile so treat it as so!

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