Gareth Pugh’s MAC Collection To Broaden His Appeal

Rachel Adler

The entire fashion world and beauty world is excited for the upcoming release of Gareth Pugh’s makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. Pugh, known for his avant garde designs clearly won’t disappoint us in the “wow” factor department when it comes to makeup. The designer, who is a fan of wearing makeup himself, had a celebration party last night at the New Museum and took a moment to speak with us about the collection.

Although details on the exact products are being kept rather “hush, hush,” Pugh was quite open about the fact that he enjoys working with makeup. The collab has been in the works for the past two years, trying to “get it right” and bouncing ideas back and forth. When asked if any of the inspiration for any of the products were pulled from previous beauty looks that he has, he said “it’s more related to the way that I work. What I do is so much about opposites. The thing with the makeup is about relating those two opposites coming together, seeing how the two different moods connect — the kind of friction between them. They compliment each other and then they kind of fight. It’s a nice transfer.”

Pugh also admitted that he’s enjoying creating something that will have a broader appeal than his fashion line does. “It’s something that I wear everyday — I’m not getting any younger! It’s something that for example my mother would be excited to get at Christmas, but it’s nice that it’s something everyone would appreciate, it’s nice to do something more universal.”

And while we really weren’t able to see any of the upcoming products just yet, we couldn’t help but stare at Pugh’s nail polish, which lets just say was by far the coolest opalescent polish we’ve ever seen, and matched his aesthetic perfectly.

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