WATCH: Get Schooled In Nail Art By G. Hannelius

Rachel Adler

We could go on and on about our love of being able to express our individuality on our nails – whether it’s with extravagant nail art prints or subtle designs. We know all too well that some people prefer to take the easy way out on their nails (while still getting the full benefits of art) with nail wraps, while others like to spend endless hours slaving over hand-painted designs. That’s why when we met Disney star G. Hannelius of “Dog with a Blog,” we were blown away with her skills on both fronts. G. came by our offices to teach us about her soon-to-launch nail app, Make Me Nails, but then also let us in on a little secret – the 15-year-old is a nail art wiz.

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She decided to launch Make Me Nails (the first celebrity owned, customized nail wrap app in partnership with Minx) due to this love for nails. The app itself is pretty cool – it allows users to make different wraps for each different finger – whether you’re uploading your own photos, choosing already existing images from the app, or using content that is provided from the month’s “Celebrity Ambassador.” The app is free and will available in the iTunes stores this coming winter, and the wraps that you design will cost $18 per set. Bonus: Since they’re created by Minx, a loved and trusted brand by nail gurus everywhere, you know you can also trust the quality of the sets.

And, like we mentioned above, G. also let us in on her now not-so-secret talent of nail artistry during her visit. Instead of settling for teaching us how to do just one nail art design, she opted for three. You read that right – in the video above, G. basically schools us in nail art, showing us how to get ombre, chevron, and cheetah print nails. Learn how to get them all yourself, and look out for the Make Me app in the iTunes store soon!

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