19 Cute French Braids to Try Right Now

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19 Cute French Braids to Try Right Now
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It’s no secret that we love French braid hairstyles. A French braid is one of the easiest, best-looking braids to master, and once you get the hang of it, there are endless looks to be created. Whether it’s a romantic updo, a classic braid crown, or a half-up half-down romantic style, nothing ups your weekend hair game quite like a chic French braid.

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So why not class up your morning grocery store run with a fabulous French braided hairstyle? A fabulous look with practically zero time commitment—now those are styles we can get behind. Here are 19 of our all-time favorites.

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Originally published July 2015. Updated May 2017.

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Keep a loose French braid in place without a hair tie by backcombing the very end of the tail.

Photo: Pinned by Nathalie Anderson

An updo French braid is perfect for summer.

Photo: Pinned by Sherry's Life

Begin a low, loose French braid, then twist and pin the rest of your hair underneath.

Photo: Pinned by Brenda Sannes via Babble

Short hair deserves some French braid love, too.

Photo: Pinned by Earmark Social Bridgette S.B. via PoPular Haircuts

This loose, face-framing braid crown is just gorgeous with a nature-inspired accessory.

Photo: Pinned by Courtney Graham via Blogspot

This unique hairstyle doesn't wrap around the entire head. Flip the end of the braid over and pin underneath for a similar look.

Photo: Pinned by Refinery29

Long, thick hair is especially well-suited to princess-y braids.

Photo: Pinned by Cassie Lobrutto via YouTube

A braided headband is a super-pretty way to keep your hair out of your face.

Photo: Pinned by S Trainer via The Berry

A French fishtail braid like this one is complicated, but the resulting look is worth it.

Photo: Pinned by Ally Savage via Byrdie

This half-up French braid segues into a fishtail for a unique look.

Photo: Pinned by Maia McDonald Smith via Ruffled

The only thing better than one gorgeous French braid? Two gorgeous French braids.

Photo: Pinned by Thank God I'm Natural via Black Hair Information

Braids, braids and more braids: Tuck two small braids into the body of a larger one for a similar effect.

Photo: Pinned by Divine Caroline

Photo: Pinterest

Braid two sections on either side of the head, then knot the loose ends around one another for a romantic waterfall style.

Photo: Pinned by Rosa Peralta via Gabrielle Atchison

This gorgeous updo is easier than it looks: Just French braid hair as usual, then tuck the bottom beneath the top of the hair and pin into place.

Photo: Pinned by Sophie Johnson via Flickr

Perfect this side braid by French braiding hair around the face, then braid the lengths fishtail-style.

Photo: Pinned by Sydney Tommo via Freckled Fox

A teeny-tiny French braid adds an adorable touch to long, loose waves.

Photo: Pinned by Helena Duffin via The Beauty Department

Leave ends loose for a beachy, carefree look.

Photo: Pinned by Hailey Ayers via Indulgy

Braid a section of hair on either side, then pin them parallel to each other to get this look.

Photo: Pinned by Marina Delio via Babble

The volume at the top of this gorgeous braided 'do is everything.

Photo: Pinned by Black Hair Information

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