Stella McCartney Named Newest Perfume After a Family Memory

Rachel Adler

First, I love anything that smells good. Second, I love it when designers stay grounded by paying homage to the things they love most. Stella McCartney, I’ve always loved you, but you just gained a +1 in my book for your next major scent, L.I.L.Y, which is just a shortened version of “Linda, I love you.” The name comes from the fact that the Lily was her mother Linda’s favorite flower.

McCartney has used all the aromas she loves. The heart notes are Lily-of-the-Valley, while the base notes are Oakmoss. The top notes are — surprisingly — truffle. The scent is delicate and innocent. It’s about a girl transitioning to a woman.

The fragrance also explores the darker more rustic side of a scent. Stella said “I also wanted to explore its darker, more masculine side. It’s a woodland flower and I wanted to capture the roots and the earthy side of it.”


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