Snooki Makes Fun of Fragrance Commercials with Her Own

Rachel Adler

It’s about time that fragrance commercials realized how ridiculous they’ve become — soft music, longing gazes, true romance all because of a whiff of a scent…you get my drift. Well, Snooki took it upon herself to not only make fun of those aforementioned commercials, but herself at the same time, and we love her for it.

In the above Funny or Die video for “Eau de Snooki” (her real scent, if you hadn’t heard, is named Snooki and it’s here ladies and gentlemen) the Jersey Shore star chomps on a pickle, steals champagne and crushes hearts.

We’re glad she’s keeping it real and can still laugh at herself (because trust us, she’s gaining more fans due to the fact that she laughs with us) and we’re especially glad she told the guy who stars in the commercial that he sounds like a poetry book, because well, he does.


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