EXCLUSIVE: Lara Stone On Her Impulse Buys & Beauty Faves

Rachel Adler

Lara Stone, the gap-toothed model who makes all women envious of her curves, is one of the many members of the ck one shock fragrance ads – a campaign that we don’t exactly want to tear our eyes away from. Ever.

The campaign, which was released earlier this month, features a distinctive cast of style icons from Lara Stone to Sky Ferreira (click through above for some fun extra images), pretty much partying hard and looking downright sexy while doing so. In honor of the new fragrance, which is the first scent to be added to the ck one collection and be a non-unisex scent, Lara Stone sat down to share with us a few of her impulsive and beauty related desires.

We asked Stone both what she finds her biggest spending impulse to be, and what her must-have beauty products are. She shared the deets with us below, listen closely as she raves about Laura Mercier concealer and the importance of hydrating!

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