ck one Shock Cast Member: Sky Ferreira On Skating & Hair Dye

Amanda Elser

She’s a singer, songwriter, DJ, model, fashion muse and at one point an aspiring singing-figure skater. Yes, ck one cast member Sky Ferreira is a lot of things (including a StyleCaster veteran), but one thing she isn’t is boring.

I got to chat with her right after she got off the plane from a trip to Paris, where she was just casually partying with Kanye West at his show’safter party…like I said — casual. Read on to get Sky’s beauty secrets and to find out how she achieves her signature “messy” look.

For the ck one Shock campaign, how was it working with all the other models and the rest of the cast?
It was really cool, ck one Shock was definitely easier, for me at least, than the first one. Because I knew all of them this time. It was definitely a lot more comfortable for that reason.

The shoot kind of looks like one big party. Was it really that fun to shoot as it is watching it?
Yeah, it was actually more fun to shoot than it looks.

You’re a singer, songwriter, model… anything else you want to add to that list?
Not at the moment! Maybe figure skater? I used to be a figure skater for seven years. I thought I was going to be a singing ice skater.My concerts were going to be on ice —I’m kind of glad I didn’t go through with that. It could have been really cool, or like Disney on Ice in like, Orlando, Florida. It’s quite funny because I’m not graceful at all,whatsoever. It’s also music-oriented kind of — it’s a bit like dancing without actually having to dance. It’s coordination too, which is really funny because I don’t have any of those skills in my life now. How did we get on this again?

What was your favorite part about the whole ck one experience?
It definitely taught me a lot about how to do these type of shoots, because I never did anything like it before. And also I got to meet a lot of really cool people from it.

Do you like the scent?
Yeah! It’s very light and flowery, but it’s also fresh. I like that it’s not heavy, because I never like to smell too perfume-y.

Speaking of that, where do you typically apply perfume, to make it last?
I would say my wrists, but I usually like to just spray it and do the walk-through thing, because like I said, I don’t like to be too perfume-y. Sometimes I’ll spray it in my hair to make it last really long. It works!

Now speaking of your hair, are those natural waves?
Well, right now it’s definitely not naturally straight! But in the video, they are natural waves. It’s quite funny, because I’m so sick of them. My hair drives me crazy, I’m stuck with it though. The grass is always greener on the other side!

What are your favorite beauty lessons that you’ve learned so far in your career?
I like to keep it light, I don’t like to overdo it. I like to wear lipstick, but I don’t think anyone needs to wear too much makeup. I like to be messy. Like, if I wear eyeliner, I like to put it on two hours before I actually go out, or else I rub it on purpose.

So when you want to change up your look, do you change your hair first, your makeup first, what do you go for?
Sometimes my makeup, mostly my hair though. It’s usually hair color, if anything. But it always comes back to this. I’ll never dye my hair darker just because I know how long it takes to come back, because I’ve done that before. It takes a while to come back. I’ve dyed my hair every color: blue, pink, black, red.

What are your top beauty products?
ck one Shock and I love MAC and NARS Lipstick — Russian Red and Dragon Girl are my favorites. I just keep layering a bunch of lipsticks until it turns into one color. Sometimes just to add color for a photo or something I’ll use a little bit of Chanel Rouge, because it’s kind of shimmery and glossy. I like to keep my lipstick matte for when I’m actually going out and stuff but for things like that, I like the shade, it’s really pretty.

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