ck one Shock Cast Member: Herieth Paul on Perfume & Modeling

Amanda Elser

Born in Africa, raised in Canada, cover model Herieth Paul is almost too beautiful to be in the same room with and I have a feeling other people agree with me…

How does it feel to be dubbed ‘the next Naomi Campbell‘?
It’s a great pleasure. I feel so lucky to be compared to her — she’s Naomi Campbell! She’s had an amazing career. I hope my career is anything like hers.

Did you always want to be a model?
Not really. When I first started, when I went to audition at an open call in Canada, I asked the lady that was doing the casting if I could be an actress, and she looked at me and said ‘no, start with modeling.’ I was really stubborn, so I made her put the camera on me — and I froze. She said, ‘now do you want to try modeling?’ and I said yes and I tried it and I honestly fell in love.

As a cover model, you’re used to posing a little bit more. How was it moving around for the ck one Shock video?
At first, it was a little bit tricky, but we were there three days, so I got used to it. The next time I was in front of the camera, I was ready. It was a transformation.

So are you ready to try acting now?
I kind of want to be a model for the rest of my life, but if I got an acting opportunity then that would be amazing as well.

What beauty secrets and tips have you learned in your modeling career?
I have learned that the less makeup, the better. Drinking lots of water makes your skin really clear. Also, hot yoga. You do a bunch of exercises in a room heated above 100 degrees and you sweat so, so much that after your skin just feels like a baby’s butt! You just want to fly!

How do you apply perfume to make it last?
I usually put it on both sides of my neck, so when I kiss someone they get that little scent. If I’m wearing jeans, I spray it close to the zipper so my shirt can cover it.

Do you like the scent?
I just put it on right now and now I want it! I love it.

What are your top beauty products?
I don’t really wear a ton of makeup, but I use the Givenchy mascara, the one with the little ball brush. A lip balm that tastes like honey, because I love honey, and tons of Laura Mercier moisturizer. I’m in love with OPI for nails.

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