Betsey Johnson Launches Too Too Fragrance with Actual Tutu’s

Rachel Adler

This morning I had the pleasure of starting my Tuesday with a bang — full of pink and tulle. I headed to MILK Studios for the launch of Too Too, Betsey Johnson’s new fragrance, conveying the free spirit of the young and modern “it” girl.

The event featured “it” girl DJ’s Becka Diamond and Chelsea Leyland, as well as a performance by Stephen Petronio’s dance company (which included pantless ballet dancers — quite the 9 AM wake up call). Betsey, a former ballerina herself, took a cue from the art for her latest fragrance, which has a vibrant and playful bottle with a round bottom wrapped in a pink tutu that shrinks into a sleek, sexy torso. She has referred to her style as “take a leotard and then add a skirt” and noted that these inspirations added up to her latest venture, Too Too.

The fragrance is of course young and playful as well, with notes of sweet passion fruit, mandarins, ginger and strawberry. The scent will be available in October at Sephora stores.

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