The Art of the Bottle: A Dozen Roses Fragrance Launch


When beauty executives Sandy Cataldo and Lynn Emmolo set out to create a perfume collection inspired by roses, they came up with fragrances that are modern, eclectic and sexy. In other words, A Dozen Roses is a collection of anything but your typical floral fragrances.

We wanted to create something that was very authentic, collectible, high quality something that you generally dont see on the market, says Emmolo. What we have is very visual and unique in its design.

The first three fragrances in the collection will launch exclusively at Neiman Marcus on July 17 at $95 each. Although each one is based on pure rose essence, their varying rose essences and complimentary bouquets give each one a very different personality. Gold Rush is a luxurious and sexy take on a rose fragrance, while Iced Whites bouquet of white florals is surprisingly edgy and fresh like a gin and tonic, according to Emmolo. Shakespeare in Love features a blush rose base, evoking the romantic connotations of the rose.

As lovers of both fragrance and art, Emmolo and Cataldo approached A Dozen Roses as a visual concept first.

Sandy is a collector of perfume bottles, and when I showed her the rose-inspired ink drawings I had been working on she immediately said how great they would look on the package, says Emmolo. By having the visuals inspire the fragrances, we achieved something that looks and feels as high-quality and unique as it smellsa collection that embodies fragrance as art.

The distinctive packaging certainly drives the visual concept home: the elegant rectangular bottles feature heavy gold toppers and original artwork by Emmolo. One side depicts the fragrances particular rose inspiration while the other portrays an abstract homage to the flower. The lacquer inks give the bottles luxurious texture.

As perfume lovers search for something different in todays uber-saturated fragrance market, there are a handful of companies that offer a more bespoke, artisanal experience. According to Laurice Rahm, founder of cult perfume company Bond No. 9, packaging is just as important as the fragrance.

Customers have to feel that they are buying a luxury item from start to finish, says Rahm. Just as our perfumes are made from the highest quality ingredients, so are the bottles and packaging. It needs to be a complete 360.

Once its in stores, its clear that A Dozen Roses will satisfy those who are looking for a fragrance thats a little different than the rest.

When weve shown this collection to women, the question is not, do I like this concept? but rather, which one of these is me? says Emmolo. The packaging attracts a woman to it whether its the color, the rose, particular fragrance notes and each one has an emotional context that follows.

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