3 Fragrances Launched Per Day in 2011: Our Top 10

Amanda Elser

Move aside lipstick and nail polish, it is our prediction that fragrances will be the beauty luxury item that comes out on top in this economic slump. According to Michael Edwards’ “Fragrances of the World” three fragrances were launched everyday in the 2011 alone.

Edwards says that the past 1o years alone has seen a huge increase in perfume launches:1200 new launches in 2011, compared with 372 launches in 2001 and just 76 in 1991.

It seems as if celebrity launches have played a huge part in the sudden increase in fragrances as well. There were 73 celebrity fragrances that launched in 2011 opposed to the 3 that launched in 1991.

It seems as if fragrances are rivaling nail polish as the latest fad, but we don’t see it passing anytime soon. We rounded up the most notable fragrances from 2011 – the good, the bad, the smelly and the scandalous.


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