Beauty Buzz: Fragrance Algorithms, Joan Smalls’ Skin Trick & More

Rachel Adler

Joan Smalls

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1. All we ever want to know during fashion week is how to look like a model, especially Joan Smalls. Learn what she does to salvage her skin after long days (and months) on set. [Byrdie]

2. We’ve all heard those rumors about sticking our cosmetics in the fridge, but which ones really need to go in there? Here are all the details. [Huffington Post]

3. 8 DIY nail designs just for Valentine’s Day, to really get in the spirit. [Daily Makeover]

4. A new beauty company, Pinrose, is selling fragrance through an algorithm instead of the typical celeb endorsements. [Business Week]

5. Want fuller lips just in time for V-Day? Here are the six tricks you need to know. [Allure]

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