Foot Flaws No More


More than a few of us start to stress during the summer months when it’s time to pop on sandals and bare our feet. Thanks to T!NTALIZE, those worries have ended. T!NTALIZE Premiere Concealer is the first product on the beauty market that truly allows you to kick off your shoes with confidence.

Designed to mimic popular face foundations, Tintalize goes on like a gel, smoothing over even your most persevering foot flaws. The water-based formula is loaded with pigment and offers sensitive coverage that lasts all day. And, as funny as this sounds, we know more than a few people willing to give it a try.

The high color concentration overpowers veins, scars, tan lines, corns, abrasions, and all kinds damage that you’ve done to your feet. Simply apply a fingertip size dab to your problem areas and blend in fully until dry.

Tintalize comes in seven shades ranging from extremely pale to very dark skin tones and allows mixed purchases for those who fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It’s waterproof, smudge proof, rub proof, and sweat proof, making reapplication unnecessary– even after changing shoes.

Tintalizing is the first foundation worthy of a heel-click!

T!NTALIZING Premiere Concealer for Feet, $15, at

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