The Only Hair Tool You Need for Winter Travel

Shannon Farrell

Curling-IronFor those gathering their beauty loot for a winter getaway—whether that be an escape to the Caymans or a Vermont Christmas with the grandparents—packing light is key.  No matter how little makeup you pack, it’s the hair styling tools that really weigh down our carry-ons. With a blow dryer, flat iron and curling iron, there’s barely any room left for toothpaste. This is where the Rowenta Beauty Versa Style Styling Iron ($159, enters the picture. It’s a curling and straightening iron combo that’s so small you can even fit it in your purse.

Curling with a flat-iron isn’t the easiest thing to learn—creating perfect curls without a dent in sight isn’t easy—but because the versa style has curved plates, you can use the tool like you would a wand. Just close the iron, wrap hair around the outside of the iron, hold and release. Another trick I love is to position a section of hair between the plates, pull down and flip the ends out right before releasing to create a slight wave. It’s like a Christmas miracle!

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