How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color

How to Find Your Perfect Hair Color
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Whether you head to the salon or opt for an at-home coloring kit, finding your perfect hair color can be trying. There’s single-process, double-process, half-head highlights, and full-head highlights, then ombre hair comes in and throws a kink into all of the above. We’ve gone through just about every hair color under the sun on our own heads, and after a lot of misses, we’ve found what works best for us. So in an effort to help you out (and save you from a slew of potentially damaged hair), we went to the professionals.

After chatting with Angela Cosmai, a hair colorist at Pierre Michel salon in New York City who also has her own product line, we got quite an education on which hair colors look best on skin tones. Be sure to keep in mind that everyone is different and there are certain women who can pull off every color in the book (we’re looking at you, Rihanna), but these suggestions are foolproof for the general population. Based on whether you’ve got ivory, olive, medium or dark skin, you’ll find a hair color recipe for which will make you look gorgeous in the slideshow above!

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