Find Out How We Change Up Our Spring Beauty Routines

Amanda Elser
Find Out How We Change Up Our Spring Beauty Routines
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We all have quirky habits when it comes to our spring beauty routines, and the editors here at StyleCaster are no exception. We polled our team to see how they change up their looks when a new season rolls around.

Some opt for lighter coverage, while others pack on the moisturizers. Read their answers in the slideshow above and tell us whether or not you agree with our beauty habits and tell us how you adjust your beauty routine for each season in the comment section below!


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"I definitely make sure to take care of my skin better. With the change of seasons, my sensitive skin gets dry really easily so I moisturize my face daily with an Aveeno daily face moisturizer, which also has a SPF. I get a head start on bathing suit season by using Jergens' skin-firming body lotion as soon as I get out of the shower." Susie G, Associate Editor


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"1. Change my body lotion and fragrance to something a little lighter -- for spring/summer I tend to go more floral
2. I buy a darker shade of tinted moisturizer so I'm ready for when I have a tan! I typically mix it with my normal/winter shade
3. I tend to switch to more bronze-y/golden eyeshadows and use a little more bronzer.
4. I use Bumble & Bumble beach spray religiously when it's warm out -- and I don't have to dry my hair then.
5. And my favorite... hot pink nail polish!!" Elizabeth Kozersky, Account Executive


"I like wearing less eye makeup for spring - a fresh, clean look feels more inspiring. I also rock a top knot way more." Marni Golden, Editorial Director 

"I wear less eye makeup. I usually wear a black, deep brown or copper smokey eye in the winter- in the spring, I'll do a cat eye with a hint of color here or there. I switch by blush from Bobbi Brown Tawny, to either a coral or something a bit more pink. I don't get a tan- ever! I avoid the sun. So rather than swap out paler for tanner shades of foundation, cover up, etc., I pick up ones with SPF in them." Rachel Siegel, Community Manager


"When spring rolls around I always switch from Nars bronzer to MAC. I have no idea why ... I think it might be because MAC has a little shimmer in their bronzer, but it's a habit that I have been a slave to for years." Jessica Rubin, Lifestyle Editor


"I nix the eyeliner" Meghan Cross, Director of Communications


"Spring is ALL about skin care (honestly what season isn't) but your makeup is more lightweight, so I put more emphasis on it. I always change to a lighter moisturizer (which obviously always includes SPF) -- right now the one of choice is Neutrogena's Ulta Gentle Soothing Lotion. I also switch to a gentle cleanser that still has exfoliation, like Eve Lom's." Rachel Adler, Beauty Director


"I switch to a lighter fragrance, a foundation with a stronger SPF and tend to shy away from matte lipsticks and focus on glosses. I absolutely LOVE fragrances with a hint of ginger because they're really energizing without being overpowering." Summer Krecke, Content Director 

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