Fergie’s Fateful Fragrance

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Photo: © Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Fergie thinks it was fate she was asked to create a perfume with Avon.

The singer teamed up with the brand to make her own fragrance, entitled Outspoken, and says she was thrilled with the collaboration because her grandmother was an Avon lady.

She said. “They approached me, and what girl doesn’t want to have a fragrance? What was interesting to me was that my grandma was an Avon lady. My mom used to help her package all the Avon stuff and have these little parties, so for me it was just a sign. I also love all the work they do with breast cancer and cancer survivors.”

Fergie also revealed how she and Avon worked on the fragrance for two years as she wanted to get the smell just right. She told Billboard magazine, “We worked on the fragrance for two years. They asked me for my favorite smells from childhood. Besides my mom’s lasagna, one of the things I thought of was my old rock ‘n’ roll leather jacket–I love the smell of that, and it matched my personality as well. So now there’s a hint of leather in Outspoken. I toughened it up a little bit.”

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