Spring Trend Report: Feather Hair Extensions

Lauren LeVine

Forget boring old hair extensions that look like, well, hair. If you want to add some flair to your hair this spring, it’s all about feathers. Hollywood’s trendsetters—including Miley Cyrus (who we already know loves feathers due to her new dream catcher tattoo), Bella Thorne (pictured here), Selena Gomez and HIlary Duff—have all jumped on board the feather extension train.

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Photo: © Retna Digital

We now have proof that the colorful extensions are officially a “trend” because they appeared in today’s New York Times Styles Section, which is the official arbiter of what’s in and what’s out. The piece reveals that even high-end salons like Sally Herschberger are offering feathered extensions.

The feathers come from an unlikely source: fly-fishing shops. Fly-fisherman have used rooster feathers, which are known as “hackle,” as bait for years.The feathers have become so popular in hair and beauty supply stores that fly-fishing equipment companies are having trouble keeping them in stock.

The extensions aren’t temporary, as one might think. You can wash and style your hair normally, and even curl or straighten the feathers with your usual heat-styling tools. The feathers are attached to your hair with metal clips and can last as long as four months—although most hairstylists don’t recommend keeping them in for this long.

If you’re interested in a DIY approach to feather hair extensions, check out this video on YouTube by The Hair Shop in LA, which specializes in all types of extensions. Remember: When it comes to colorful extensions, less is more. A bright pop of color hiding behind one ear is recommended over a full head of feather extensions.

What do you think of feather hair extensions? Fun and wacky or totally tacky?

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