Our Favorite New Nail Shades For Spring

Augusta Falletta
Our Favorite New Nail Shades For Spring
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Today marked the first “open-toe-shoe-day” of the year, which only means one thing: spring is here (at least temporarily)! Gone are the days of hot coffee, gloves and boots (hopefully). Break out the sunglasses and sandals, because we’re heading into beautiful weather territory. Of course, open-toe shoes bring about the issue of needing a fresh pedicure on your feet, and what better way to accessorize your favorite Spring outfits than with the latest nail colors of the season?

The warm weather and bright days have us a little too excited for our Spring nail wardrobe. With a little help from our favorite brands, we put together a slideshow of our favorite picks for lust-worthy lacquers this season. Whether you’re into flirty neutrals or bold pops of color, there’s a polish for you. Considering one-tone manicures are a rarity these days, these Spring lacquers are perfect! You’ll be able to mix and match nudes and brights in the same color scheme for a perfect contrast (or even an ombre mani!). With a few strokes of the brush, your fingers and toes will be ready to make an impression, while you’re holding an iced latte from your favorite coffee shop.

Flip through and tell us which color you’re dying to get on your hands.

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Ciate "Cream Soda", (about $14, http://www.ciate.co.uk/whats-new/">ciate.com)

Ciate "Iced Frappe", (about $14, http://www.ciate.co.uk/whats-new/">ciate.com)

Ciate "Pom Pom", (about $14, http://www.ciate.co.uk/whats-new/">ciate.com)

Ciate "Sugar Plum", (about $14, http://www.ciate.co.uk/whats-new/">ciate.com)

Essie "A Crewed Interest", ($8, http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/">essie.com)

Essie "Orange, It's Obvious!", ($8, http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/">essie.com)

Essie "To Buy or Not to Buy?", ($8, http://www.essie.com/latest-collection/">essie.com)

OPI "A Roll in the Hauge", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "I Don't Give a Rotterdam", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "Kiss Me on My Tulips", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "Pedal Faster, Suzi!", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "Red Lights Ahead - Where?", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "Vampsterdam", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

OPI "Wooden Shoe Like to Know?", ($8.50, http://opi.com/">opi.com)

Rococo "Lady Lavender", ($16.50, spaceNK.com)

Rococo "My Cupcake", ($16.50, spaceNK.com)

Rococo "Peaches", ($16.50, spaceNK.com)

Rococo "T-Cup", ($16.50, spaceNK.com)

Rococo "Wild Roses", ($16.50, spaceNK.com)

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