Our Favorite Nail Polish Color Combinations

Our Favorite Nail Polish Color Combinations
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Tired of just wearing one color on your nails? Mix it up! Summer is an excellent time to play with color, and with nail art remaining intensely popular, the opportunities are endless.

While some of the colors are more monochromatic, there are pairs that you would never expect to see combined on one hand — let alone one nail! Whether it’s for a backyard barbecue or a day at the beach, we found the perfect color combinations to inspire your next nail art designs.

A white nail polish always be should be a staple in your collection, since it allows you to pretty much use any color and create any design. Also, try out gray and plum, which are great fall transition colors. We even found that a light minty green looks great with a bold orange polish.

Check out the slideshow to see which nail polish combinations we can’t wait to try out!

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