Our Favorite Beauty Looks From Holiday Movies We Love

Our Favorite Beauty Looks From Holiday Movies We Love
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Every year around the holidays we watch our favorite holiday movies that we’ve seen a million times before, but somehow they feel new again with each new December. Counting the amount of times everyone in the Beauty High office has seen Elf in total is nearly impossible, yet every year we watch and re-watch, often picking up on some new details we missed the year prior. This year as we watch our oldie-but-goodie favorites, we’ve been picking up on some pretty fabulous beauty moments.

Cindy Lou Who made braids famous before Pinterest did, Cameron Diaz’s bob haircut is totally on trend again, and Donna Reed did matte lips before matte lips were a “thing”. We rounded up our favorite feel-good films and the beauty looks they’ve been inspiring for years, plus how to get each look. Whether you’re going for full volume curls or a daytime smokey eye, we’ve got your look covered for the holidays.

Which is your favorite holiday movie look? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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