Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers Show Off Their Prom Hair and Makeup

Our Favorite Beauty Bloggers Show Off Their Prom Hair and Makeup
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Almost everyone has a vivid memory of their high school prom outfit, whether it be the flowing cotton candy pink dress they wore or the fact that they searched high and low to find that perfect eyeshadow to match the sequins on their beaded bodice. Whether you went to prom 20 years ago or 2 years ago (or you’re getting ready to go) we never get sick of looking at photos and gushing about the night.

So, just in case you’re still prepping your prom look, or need some people to commiserate over your prom mistakes with, we’ve gathered some of our favorite photos from our favorite online bloggers and editors and had them report back about their prom hair and makeup looks. Although most of them are a bit embarrassed by the fact that they chose say, a sea foam green dress for the big night, they all learned that the memories made on that night are not quickly forgotten (and neither are the beauty looks). Find out what our beauty experts had to say about their looks – and see if it inspires your own!

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