Gift Guide: 8 Fantastic Scents for Father’s Day

Gift Guide: 8 Fantastic Scents for Father’s Day
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Your dad can be the hardest person to shop for – I know mine is always telling me he doesn’t need a single thing, so brainstorming the right gift has been quite difficult. Dads are into all different things; some work like crazy, some can be categorized as sports fanatics, others as the artsy and hipster dads, and even the outdoorsy types. This adds another challenge to gift shopping on Father’s Day.

There is sport-y dad, who can be seen watching ESPN at any hour of the day and be extremely active in his fantasy team; the 9-5 office worker, who leaves before you wake and gets home for dinner late; the hipster dad, ever-young and keeps up with the trends before they become popular; the artsy dad loves to discover new artists and even dabbles in projects of his own; the outdoors dad is constantly trying to convince you to go camping and that nature is pretty neat; the laid-back dad who cannot wait to get home and catch up on his favorite shows; the swanky dad refuses to be anything but sharply dressed at all times and will frequent all of the hottest vacation spots; and finally, the preppy dad, he might still be stuck in the 1980s and thinks that having his shorts touching his knees is a crime.

Whatever personality type your dad falls under, this fragrance guide is for him.

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