Fall Winter 2009 Fashion Trend Recap

Megan McIntyre
Tony Cohen / Vena Cava / Carlos Marc Valvo

Tony Cohen
Photo: Dennis Ho

Vena Cava
Photo: Dennis Ho

Carlos Marc Valvo
Photo: Nathan Bush

Whew, boy!! Fall Winter 2009 Fashion Week was several weeks ago, but I still get tired when I think of all the shows we did. I have one thing to say YOU BETTA WORK!!! LOL! Lela Rose, Carlos Campos, Vena Cava, Carmen Marc Valvo, Tony Cohen, and Jenni Kane. I love fashion week. It’s so much fun and hectic and crazy at the same time. WOW!!

Lela Rose and Carlos Campos - New York Fashion Week Fall 2009

Lela Rose
Photo: Dennis Ho

Carlos Campos women
Photo: Nathan Bush

Carlos Campos men
Photo: Nathan Bush

Hair for the Fall 2009 is super cool and super 80’s

Lets break it down:

Lela Rose: sexy ponytails with a sexy bump using bungee elastics
Carlos Campos Women: rock’a’billy chic using l’oreal professional
Carlos Campos Men: Clark Gable with a modern flare using l’oreal professionnel
Vena Cava: return to 80’s glam using ted gibson fix it gel
Carmen Marc Valvo: chic sophisticated glamour using beautiful hold hairspray
Tony Cohen: aysemmetrical glam using build it blowdrying spray
Jenni Kane: subtle power girl yes using hairsheet styling

Tip: When using a round brush to blow-dry your hair, work in 1 inch wide section to ensure you get great volume and smooth, sexy results.

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