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New Nail Polish Colors For Fall That We Can’t Wait to Wear

  • Autumn is in the air and we can't wait to have it at our fingertips!

  • Deep blue is an ideal departure from basic black, giving you chic nails without the goth feel.

    Dolce & Gabbana Intense Nail Lacquer in Peacock, $24,

  • Neon reigned this summer and the trend will continue into fall. We love this mani set that will have your fingers glowing under UV light.  

    Corrupted Neon Manicure in Club Tropicana, $28,

  • Purples, amethysts and violets are big for fall, and this shade is a bit brighter than those trendy wine shades.  

    Marc Jacobs polish in Secret Love, $18,

  • Mossy and emerald green shades will also be very on trend this season, if you're looking for something different.  

    Deborah Lippman polish in Laughin' to the Bank, $17,

  • A slight spin on silver, this micro-glitter polish has hints of blue and green. 

    Urban Decay polish in "Addiction," $15,

  • The watery shimmer polish in this set speaks to the metallic trend this season and is more unique than tried-and-true silvers and golds. 

    Sephora + Pantone Elemental Energy Lacquer, $10,

  • While glimmer and shimmer are big for fall, so too are matte polishes that have no shine.

    Sephora X: The Industrialists in Private, $9.50,

  • Give any polish a matte finish with this top coat that gives your digits a non-gloss, textured look.

    OPI Matte Top Coat, $9,

  • Summer may be almost over, but sunny shades like this one are also huge for next season. 

    Jin Soon polish in Coral Peony, $18,

New Nail Polish Colors For Fall That We Can’t Wait to Wear

New Nail Polish Colors For Fall That We Can’t Wait to Wear

New Nail Polish Colors For Fall That We Can’t Wait to Wear
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A new season is almost upon us and with it comes a plethora of new colors for our nails. Sure, we’re excited for the fall beauty trends happening in hair and makeup, but what really gets us giddy is nail polish.

From matte to shimmer, dark hues to brights, fall brings some very unexpected polish choices to experiment with. But while having so many amazing colors to pick from might feel overwhelming, there’s something for every girl, outfit, personality and mood. Here are some of the latest shades that caught our eye—we’ll certainly be testing these out next season!

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