You’re Doing It Wrong: Getting Facials

Megan Segura



Aside from getting a full-body massage, a facial is one of the best ways to treat yourself. Not only does it help improve the look of your skin, but it’s incredibly relaxing. Unfortunately, not everyone should be indulging in this treatment.

“While I have no problem with facials in general, I am not a proponent of facials for acne patients,” says dermatologist Dr. Macrene.  “In many instances, my patients have complained that their pores became larger over time from getting frequent facials due to the pushing of sebum by the facialists. In addition, many complain of breakouts after the facials. Some facials include oils for massage, which plug pores.”

Dr. Macrene adds that facials are not out for good for those who suffer from acne, but that they need to get their skin under control before seeking help from an aesthetician. If you suffer frequent breakouts, head to a dermatologist before hitting your local spa. They’ll be able to prescribe you a topical acne medication, so your skin is at its best.

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